Yeasmin Islam

Yeasmin Islam

Yeasmin Islam is an experienced academician and researcher specializing in Human Resources Management, management, and tourism. With a strong track record in teaching and mentoring, she has published research papers in reputable journals and presented findings at international conferences. Her expertise encompasses research methodology, data analysis using SPSS and STATA, and presentation skills using PowerPoint and Prezi. With proficiency in English, Bengali, and Hindi, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of HR policies and their impact on financial soundness. She is committed to promoting sustainable development and possesses a keen interest in the film industry and tourism development in Bangladesh.

A Beacon in Business, Academia, and Culinary Arts


In the dynamic realm of business and management, some figures shine brighter than others, illuminating the way for many. One such luminary is Yeasmin Islam.

Yeasmin's academic prowess is evidenced by her commendable achievements at the University of Dhaka. She acquired her MBA in HRM in 2013 and her BBA in Management in 2011. Both degrees, pursued at this esteemed institution, have given her an unassailable foundation in business management.

Following her educational pursuits, Yeasmin embarked on her professional journey, gaining diverse experiences. Fresh out of university, she delved into the intricate world of human resources as an intern at Agrani Bank PLC. This initial experience enabled her to understand the corporate mechanism from a grassroots level. Soon after, she embraced academia, joining Northern University Bangladesh as a Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration. By January 2015, she ascended to the position of an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics at United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Yeasmin's dedication to academia does not end in the classroom. She actively engages in research, presenting her findings at esteemed international conferences. Her commitment to advancing knowledge in her field is further showcased by her published articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in reputable books. One of her recent accomplishments includes leading a research project as the prime investigator, funded by the Institute of Advanced Research (IAR) under United International University. This significant research was later published in a Scopus-indexed journal.

Apart from her academic and research pursuits, Yeasmin holds an unyielding commitment to professional development. This is manifested in her participation in various training programs, like the 2014 BTEC Implementation training by Pearson and another illustrious training in 2017 by the Foundation for Learning Teaching and Research (FLTR) at the University of Liberal Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Yet, Yeasmin’s talents are not confined to business and academia alone. The vibrant streets of Dhaka have witnessed her flourish as a food entrepreneur, as she co-founded Snacks and More. This endeavor, which started as a homemade food venture in the Bashundhara Residential Area, has now wooed taste buds all over Dhaka City. Additionally, Yeasmin showcased her culinary expertise on Bangladesh's leading television channel, Channel-i, on the program New Entrepreneur's Cooking with Keka Ferdousi.

In sum, Yeasmin Islam is a multifaceted personality, brilliantly juggling the worlds of academia, business, and culinary arts. Her journey, marked by dedication, innovation, and an insatiable quest for knowledge, serves as an inspiration for many.

Birthday: 26 August

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


Expertise Domain

Business and Management


Teaching and Instruction


Research and Analysis


Communication and Presentation


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making


Leadership and Teamwork


Adaptability and Continuous Learning


Time Management and Organization


Scholarly Articles and Journals

Academic Overview

University of Central Missouri
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management and Organizational Leadership

University of Dhaka
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management

University of Dhaka
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management Studies

Professional Experience

2015 - 2024

United International University

Assistant Professor - School of Business and Economics

❍ Undertake research endeavors in specialized areas such as management, HR, organizational strategies, entrepreneurship, global business, and tourism studies.

❍ Disseminate research findings via journal publications, global conference presentations, and contributions to academic books.

❍ Instruct undergraduate and postgraduate courses, ensuring syllabi are current, devising and assessing exams and tasks, and offering constructive student feedback.

❍ Guide students academically and professionally, assisting with their research initiatives, and internships, and providing references for further studies or employment.

❍ Actively participate in departmental committees and engage in continual professional growth through conferences, workshops, and other educational events.

❍ Team up with peers both within and beyond the department for curriculum enhancement, research ventures, and programs that resonate with the university's vision.

❍ Partaking in community engagement and public initiatives, furthering the university's objectives, and forging ties with vital entities in the business and economic domains.
2014 - 2015

Northern University Bangladesh

Lecturer - Management, Department of Business Administration

❍ Instructing students on management concepts, fostering classroom interactions, and enhancing student comprehension of management topics.

❍ Crafting and presenting educational content, encompassing course outlines, instructional materials, and multimedia presentations.

❍ Engaging in scholarly research within management domains, and disseminating findings in esteemed academic publications.

❍ Active involvement in departmental and institutional committees, playing a role in curricular evolution, evaluations, and student guidance.

❍ Formulating and adopting pioneering teaching strategies to optimize student academic results.

❍ Maintaining familiarity with the latest trends in management, ensuring course content remains relevant and updated.

❍ Pursuing continual professional growth by participating in relevant conferences, sessions, and trainings.

❍ Partnering with academic peers within and beyond the department to realize collective educational aspirations.

❍ Evaluating student work, marking assignments and tests, and offering constructive insights on academic performance.

❍ Playing a part in the formulation and execution of academic protocols and guidelines to uphold educational excellence.

Expressions of Gratitude

Yeasmin Islam is an exceptional professional with a remarkable academic background. Her MBA in HRM and BBA in Management from the University of Dhaka showcase her strong educational foundation. As an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics, Yeasmin's dedication to teaching and research is commendable. She imparts her extensive knowledge to students, enabling them to grasp complex business and management concepts effortlessly.


Rafiqul Islam

HR Professional

She is super efficient in her work and she is devoted to research work.

She is obe of the finest colleagues who worked under my coordination and I must mention that she knows how to work as a team.

I wish her all the success.


Benazir Rahman

Assistant Professor and Coordinator
BBA Program, School of Business
Canadian University of Bangladesh

It is an honor for me to write about you. I was privileged to be a student of you. You were amazing as a teacher and also as a person. I was happy to see qualities like simplicity, honesty, and well communication skills.

I wish I could have met with you Ma'am in earlier courses but the time I got from you I can say you are an incredible person. I will remember you Ma'am for a long time.


Jahid Hossain Sunny

Territory Officer
Banglalink Digital Communications Limited
Alumni - United International University

I wholeheartedly vouch for Yeasmin Madam's exceptional teaching prowess. As her student in multiple courses, notably Business Ethics, I was consistently impressed by her deep knowledge and real-world examples that made learning genuine and relevant. More than just a teacher, she was a true motivator, pushing us to think beyond the syllabus. Her passion for Bengali cuisine and memorable coffee chats enriched our bond beyond academics. Yeasmin Madam wasn't just an educator to me, but a guiding force shaping my future. I'm deeply grateful for her lasting impact on my life.


Asif Hossain

Junior Officer - Human Resources
Auto Crop Care Limited (Group QA)
Alumni - United International University

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Ms. Yeasmin Islam on a research project, and I am thoroughly impressed with her expertise and dedication. Her research acumen and analytical skills are exemplary. Ms. Yeasmin's commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of business and management is evident in the meticulous approach she takes in her research. Her contributions are valuable and have the potential to shape the future of the industry.


Mizanur Rahman, PhD


Yeasmin Islam is an accomplished professional who possesses a rare combination of academic excellence and practical experience. Her role as an Assistant Professor at the United International University speaks volumes about her expertise and commitment to her field. Yeasmin's ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice makes her an exceptional educator. Her teaching style fosters critical thinking and encourages students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. I highly recommend Ms. Yeasmin for her exceptional skills and contributions to the field of business and management.


Samira Rahman


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